My Premium Omani Dishdasha

"A luxury thobe is more than clothing, it's a lifestyle."

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My Omani Dishdasha

"Our luxury Dishdasha are the ultimate expression of your elegance."

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My Saudi Qamis

"Experience the exquisite touch of luxury that transcends mere clothing."

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"Embrace the Soul of Tradition in Every Thread."

Masterful hands whisper ancient secrets into fine fabrics. Experience authentic thobes.



Focusing on the emotional connection between our craftsmanship and the wearer.


Timeless Style

Focus on the durability and timeless appeal of your thobes, emphasizing their value as an investment.

Planning and design

This stage involves choosing the fabric, style, and any embellishments that make you feel empowered

Cutting and sewing

Focuses on translating the initial vision into a concrete piece of art

The Manifestation

Bringing something special into destination